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Various Uses of a Rebozo

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What is a rebozo? Think of any Mexican birth culture that has transcended over generations and you would not block the use of a rebozo. Rebozo is different in various regions in terms of the color, texture and important but it still remains alone, woven piece of negative clothing that is useful for carrying infants after birth. A lot of places around the world helping attributed with the use of rebozo beyond the Mexican birth culture. Research shows that 9% of Danish women use rebozo today as compared to five years ago when it was only 2%. Discussed are some of the tips on how to use rebozo.

Rebozo has a lot of different applications during labor with one of the most common uses being birthing a woman’s hips in that they are used to control the motions to help move the hips or to sway them for some comfort during labor. Regardless of the posture of their birthing person, the rebozo is the ultimate tool for providing pelvic message which is also commonly known as rocking or jiggling.

Mexican Rebozo also has a lot of significance in correcting the posterior position of the features to make sure that the labor is less painful, takes a shorter time and that it is much convenient for their birthing person. It is actually in practice that a lot of Douglas and caregivers use the rebozo or adjusting the posterior position of the child for better experience of breath. Even so, the rebozo is more significantly used for pelvic massages then it is used for the adjustment of the fetus into a better position.

There is not much concrete research on the rebozo but that a part of the research is able to show that it has a positive psychological effect to the birthing woman in that they are able to see a lot of teamwork with the women who use their rebozo together with her during labor. The rebozo however is quite significant in terms of little positioning to avoid longer labor hours are also believe the birthing woman the pain of having to go through fetal malpositioning.

A lot of efficiency can be found in the use of the rebozo during labor and birth despite the fact that there are not a lot of scientific studies to support this. Many factors would lead to women prioritizing the rebozo technique such as tradition, personal preferences, individual narratives amongst many others. The World Health Organization has to papers that are published in peer-reviewed journals that vindicates the use of the rebozo despite lack of concrete scientific evidence of its efficiency.

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